Tuesday Night Tune Ups

Tuesday Night Two Mile Tune-Up

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What is this all about?

Tuesday Night Tune-ups provide our members and others to push themselves once a week to test their ability.  For some this may a new milestone of just finishing this distance without walking.  Others can use it to test themselves and put all their hard work into place and shoot for a new PR.  While some may just use it as a tempo run.

Most Important things about Tuesday nights are:

#1.) Having fun and working as a team.

#2.) Build confidence.

#3.) Encourage one another to be the best we can be.

#4.) Be social and make new friends.

#5.) Did I mention have fun….this is what it is all about.

We will also have fun awards after it is all said and done.  Your progress will be recorded after each Tuesday Night run you do.  But award or no award you get the reward of fellowship and good times.

What else can Tuesday Night give me?

Tuesday’s are typically the day in the week where the team intervals are run.  So at the conclusion of the Two Mile Tune-up athlete’s will do some speed work that varies in distance.  These distances will typically be 200’s, 400’s, and 800’s.  We also may finish up with the Epic Florida State workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and begging for more (or not).

Which will happen more often than not.

At the end of every Tuesday Night Tune-Up:

Stick around and stretch down and have a hot dog and some chips…and maybe even a cold beer…or quench your thirst with 3plenish donated by our sponsor Complete Nutrition (see JJ Taylor for more information about what they have to offer).

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